Riverboat Wine Voyages - Season 1 Wrap Party

A big thank you to everyone who was a part of Riverboat Wine Voyages' first season, which saw us 'sailing' together as on a journey to explore 10 of the most prolific wine countries/regions of the world!

We invite everyone back on board again on Thursday, 29 September 2016, for another grape evening at our Wrap Party as we relive the memories of voyages past! We also warmly welcome new friends who have never 'sailed' with us before to join in as well... Trust us, when the wine starts flowing, everyone is extremely friendly!


For this party, we will be giving our guest speaker Akimi Yeo, who has put in great effort over the 10 sessions to prepare and share with us her wine knowledge, a well-deserved break. There will be no formal wine presentation, and instead voyagers get to participate in a number of fun wine-related games and activities!

Blind Tasting Challenge (7-8pm)

See how you measure up in the tasting department by participating in our Blind Tasting Challenge! Come to our tasting booths and taste two wines at a time, trying to tell which is which without seeing the label! Don't worry, tasting notes will be provided to help you along. There will be three sets of wines to challenge yourself with, progressively getting harder to tell apart of course.

Interactive Games (7-8pm)

Which Voyager has attended more than five voyages in the series? Which Voyager has the strange practice of drinking wine straight from the bottle? Which Voyager has worked in a winery before? Which Voyager has a dog named Happy? Move around the deck and find out all the above and more, as you get to know your drinking buddies.

Canapes on Parade (8pm)

For those who have participated in past voyages, the canapes that accompany the wines have definitely been well-enjoyed and appreciated by many a drunk sailor. Today, we get to meet the men behind the lovely little bites - Chef Zed Chua and Chef Jonas Cruz! Show them some love as they present their best creations and share the inspiration behind their craft.

Wine Quiz (8.30pm)

When everyone is 'halfway there', that is the time to test your wine knowledge - a test that sets the connoisseurs apart from the alcoholics. If you have been paying attention to Akimi during the 10 sessions, or have been drinking for at least 5 years, you will certainly breeze through this.

Cheers, and Unveiling of Season 2 (9pm)

At 9pm, we will have a short address by wine specialist Akimi Yeo, and the Riverboat's CEO Daryl Saw, followed by a resounding "Cheers" and bottoms up! We will also be announcing the details and destinations of Season 2, so do stick around!


To participate, you may either buy a ticket online here at $20, or simply bring a bottle of your favourite wine to share with everyone!

All participants will also receive a $10 Food Voucher and a $10 Wine Voucher for use on the day itself!

Should you have further enquiries, or require alternative payment methods, please feel free to email events@riverboat.com.sg or contact Daryl/Hazura at 62785775. We will be more than glad to assist. Cheers, and see you on board!

Thu Sep 29, 2016
7:00 PM - 9:30 PM SGT
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